Beyond the logic of science

by Sonologyst



All tracks’s inspired by and based on samples from early electronic music pioneers K.H. Stockhausen, P. Henry, L. Ferrari, M. Subotnik, L. Nono, H. Pousseur, B. Parmegiani, B. Maderna. Precursors of our sonic scapes.

I don't think I heard his music before, but according to the information he is inspired by the electronic avant-garde of the mid 20th century; the likes of Stockhausen, Henry, Ferrari, Subotnick, Nono, Pousseur, Parmegiani and Maderna. The music from Sonologyst is along similar lines, but also a bit different. Should you not know his sources of inspiration, then I would have not thought as easily about (thank god for press texts!), but when properly guided I can say: yes indeed. The eerie, spacious yet experimental soundscapes in these seven pieces are perhaps a bit more stretched out than some of the older guys would have done. The compositional models handled by Sonologyst are also part of that shady world where ambient music meets up with industrial music. Slowly fading in sounds, using reverb extensively, a bit of voices here and there (which in 'Hommage A Luc Ferrari' works really fine; that piece is surely 'old school'), but in 'Fragments Of Life' could have been as easily from the late 80s, early 90s, in terms of how sampling is approached. I quite enjoyed this music; it's an excellent combination of some more 'old school' approaches combined with some latter day treatments. It's a pity that it is released on cassette, so I recommend downloading it, and enjoying it in full, hiss-free glory. (FdW)

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released February 20, 2013

music and mastering: Sonologyst
artwork: Sascha Stadlmeier
label: Attenuation Circuit




Sonologyst Italy

Sonologyst is an Italian solo project working on different areas as sonic scapes, unpredictlable sounds, post minimalism, sonic documentaries. Sonologyst also runs Unexplained Sounds group, a platform to investigate the current underground experimental music scene. ... more

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